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5 Best Tourist Spots in Mashhad 2019

Mashhad is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. Over the past, the city has been known to attract pilgrims who come for religious purposes. However, due to increased infrastructural development, such as airports and recreational facilities, thousands of regular tourists have been attracted annually. Mashhad is a unique place with a lot of fascinating tourist spots to visit. Therefore, the following are some of the best tourist spots that you wouldn’t want to miss in Mashhad.

Mellat Park

Mellat Park is, without a doubt, one of the most significant places to visit while at Mashhad. The park is not only the biggest in the area but also the oldest. It has got numerous facilities that will make you have the best experience possible. Some of the facilities include swimming pools, sporting squares, library, and amusement park. The amusement park has the giant Ferris wheel in the entire Middle East.

Iman Meza shrine

Iman Meza shrine complex is known as the heart of religious tourism in Mashhad. It hosts thousands of tourists who come to see its magnificence. The sanctuary covers an area of about 600,000 square meters, making it the largest mosque in the world. Majority of tourists like visiting this mosque due to its conducive and multicultural atmosphere. The place sometimes gets too much crowded to the point that you can’t reach the shrine.

The tomb of Nader Shelar

It at all there is one king you probably should know while in Iran is Nader Shar. King Nader become one of the most famous during the Persian Empire. Due to his courage, bravery and strong army, he has fought a dozen fronts and defeating his enemies such as the Indians and Oman empires. His body was then preserved in Nader museum. The museum is surmounted by an inspiring equestrian statue portraying the monarch holding an ax. Nader is also remembered for establishing the Afsharid dynasty.

Kuh-E Sangi Park

Another famous destination is Kuh-E Sangi Park. This park is usually good for afternoon picnicking when the sun is almost setting. Due to its high altitude, it gives the fantastic view of the sun setting at a distant horizon. The park has a small stream running through its center, which according to the locals symbolizes life. You can try and cross the stream through hopping across the stepping stones placed in between. If you are lucky, you can stumble across the group of Old Iranian locals singing and dancing traditional songs.

Radkan Tower

For the lovers of ancient esoteric architecture, it may be necessary for you to pay a visit to the village of Radkan. The tower which was built in the 13th century still stands strong, therefore attracting many. Radkan tower offers amazing traditional architectural design. The spired 25-meter brick tower is designed in such a way that the sun shines directly through the top. Visiting Radkan is an opportunity to see some of the breath-taking sceneries and old ruins.
Therefore, Mashhad is one of the tourist destinations in Iran that you can’t afford to miss – read article on mashhad city complex in iran.

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